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Priority Search and Rescue is a volunteer non-profit organization founded in 2017. We became incorporated in the State of Texas in 2019 as a Non-Profit Community Service Organization.

We currently have the capabilities to deploy Search Teams for a variety of incidents including but not limited to, Urban SAR, Wilderness SAR, Natural Disasters, and Man-Made Disasters. 

We also have several Specialist teams including Medical Teams, Saw Teams, Technical Search Teams, and UAS Teams.

We can assist Fire & Rescue agencies across Texas and beyond with manpower in the event that additional hands are needed for various events and scenarios. 

We deploy at the request of official agencies. For any missing persons cases we must be requested by the immediate family via the law enforcement agency that's in charge of the search. 

We are available to deploy nationally with some conditions.

We are able to deploy and be self-sufficient for 48-72 hours. 

Our Mission Statement


Our mission at Priority Search and Rescue is providing skilled and trained rescue professionals  with commitment to life, safety & the betterment of affected communities.


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