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Disaster Response & Recovery

Our disaster response strike team are dispatched to aid local authorities, Teams and other resources when they suspect they may become overwhelmed when a disaster strikes. No matter if the task is helping search for a missing person, checking flooded or destroyed homes and business or clearing trees and debris to help get infrastructure back up and running our teams are ready and eager to help. 


Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR)

Our Wilderness SAR Team is entirely composed of trained volunteers with a wide variety of abilities and expertise and is available upon request to help virtually anywhere statewide. 

SAR Team can be deployed for:

  • Missing / lost persons

  • Walk-away elderly

  • any incident a coordinated ground search is required. 

SAR Teams are trained in:

  • Ground search techniques

  • search incident management 

  • first aid & CPR


Flood & Stillwater Search & Rescue

We have the capabilities to assist with water rescues and flood recovery via boat during major flooding events. 

Water / Boat Team can be deployed for:

  • Stranded victims that need assistance to dry land.

  • major and minor flooding events

  • hurricane and tropical storm operations

  • and any other situation where a boat may be required.

Boat Teams are trained in:

  • High Water rescue operations

  • Safe boating practices

  • Victim recovery ops.


Urban Search & Rescue (US&R)

The US&R teams are trained in four specialized fields:
  • Search - finding disaster victims
  • Rescue - extracting the victims from the area
  • Technical - ensuring the safety of the rescuers with the help of structural specialists
  • Medical - providing medical assistance to injured victims and rescuers

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Operations

Using state of the art technology, We use drones to get a birds eye view of the area around an incident. With this technology we can see what is going on at any given time in areas not easily accessed by rescue teams. 

This operation can be deployed for anything from a large area Search to Heavily damaged areas after a storm to located individuals in distress as well as Wildfire situations to locate the seat of the fire and determine areas in immediate danger. 

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